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Winter Home Sales

Winter home sales can be a challenge. The earlier evenings can be a hindrance when viewing potential patios and entrances, and there just aren’t as many buyers as there are during the warmer months. But, between job transfers, changes in personal lives, and a myriad of other unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to put up the For Sale sign before the spring flowers appear. Looking on the positive side, there are fewer homes on the market, which lessens the competition.

Here are a few things you can do to maximize your home’s appeal during the winter months.

If your home has a gas fireplace, have it on during every showing when the weather is cool. It’ll increase the cozy factor; that intangible feeling that the home is warm and inviting. A blanket or quilt draped over the arm of a chair or sofa will also add a relaxing touch.

Turn on all lamps, even if the home is being shown during the day. Open the curtains to let as much natural light in as possible. Battery-operated candles set on a timer for the afternoon will offer a warm glow as the sun begins to fade.

The lawn is probably looking less than ideal, so plant some cool-weather annual flowers in pots near the front door. Make sure your mulch is in good condition and hedges are trimmed. Potential buyers will understand that the yard will look better in the warmer months, but do everything you can to have it clean and well-maintained.

Trust your realtor when it comes to pricing the home. A qualified realtor will guide you to a fair but realistic price. You don’t want the home to languish on the market.

Aside from completing all the repairs needed on the home, you should also de-personalize it. Take away family photos and reduce clutter as much as possible. Aim for a home arrangement that you might see in a furniture showroom: pretty and functional but not personal.  Make it easy for the potential buyer to visualize themselves living there.

Selling a home during the winter months may not be ideal, but it’s far from impossible. Talk with your realtor about gaining the edge during winter home sales.