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Tips for a Quick Home Sale

Most home sellers know the basics for selling a home: curb appeal, de-cluttering, and even scented candles; but, we want to share a few more techniques to get the attention of potential buyers. Sometimes, these can make all the difference.

Know your competition. Your CENTURY 21 Bessette Realtor® will price your home based on the recent sale price of similar homes in your area. It never hurts to go to a few open houses in your area to see what the buyers are seeing, then make sure your home compares favorably.

Ask for feedback. As your realtor, we have useful feedback based on our years of experience. It’s a good idea to listen to it and implement as many suggestions as you can. These are likely the same things potential buyers will notice.

Show it with pictures. Over 90 percent of homeowners begin their house hunt online. If your home isn’t there, or isn’t compelling, they won’t make the effort to check it out in person. Allow your realtor to take several pictures of your home, both interior and exterior, to post online. The more pictures, the better your chances of getting traffic through your door.

Make it appealing. Can you include a high-end appliance in the home sale? Can you give an allowance for new carpeting? Is there a transferrable termite contract? These bonuses might tip things in your favor.

Share your status. Post an album of your home on your Facebook page to let your friends know your home is on the market. You have the potential to reach hundreds of people with little effort.

Aim for move-in ready. Most buyers don’t want to do a lot of work before they move in. Making repairs and giving your home a thorough cleaning can make a big difference.

Make it easy. Be sure your home is available for showing anytime. If you have rigid requirements, potential buyers will likely move on to other homes that are easy to see.

Get the neighbors involved. Let your neighbors know you will soon list your home. Ask if they know of anyone interested. They may have friends who would like to be in the neighborhood.

Today’s real estate market is competitive. It usually takes the right mix of location, price, and luck. By implementing these suggestions, homeowners can increase their luck for selling their home and move forward with their dreams.