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Successful Negotiations

Whether buying or selling, everyone wants a good deal. Concessions can be made on price, timeframe and condition of the home. There’s always room to negotiate and that’s where your CENTURY 21 Bessette Realtor® comes in.

Our Realtors® benefit their clients by finding areas of compromise in order to get the best deal possible.

The devil is in the details and real estate is no exception. At face value, it may seem as though two homes are comparable, in good neighborhoods and priced the same, but the deals could be very far apart. Home warranties, appliances, closing costs, allowances for painting or carpeting – these are all things that can be negotiated.

Your realtor will help you find areas of negotiation to make the process more smooth and efficient.

Look for leverage. If you’re one of four people to make an offer on a home, the owner has no incentive to make any concessions so you may consider moving on to another home.

Sellers should look for buyers who are pre-qualified. This means they’ve been to a lender and have completed preliminary loan paperwork and they have a realistic idea of how much the bank will lend them. This doesn’t guarantee them the loan, but it shows they are serious about buying. Pre-qualification is a key thing to consider when there are multiple offers.

Deals fall through when parties are unwilling to compromise. That’s where your realtor can help. They’ll encourage clients to look at every reasonable offer. Being flexible will help smooth out negotiations. The realtor’s goal is to get the best deal for their client.

Buying or selling a home is a big decision. In most situations, both parties give a little, allowing each of them to get a fair deal and move forward with their dreams.