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Business Relocation

There are many reasons to consider moving a business location. It could be due to business growth, reaching a different demographic, growth of the city, or even a more streamlined focus that doesn’t require as much square footage. Whatever the reason, there are important things to consider. Is a high-traffic location beneficial? What part of town are most of your customers located? Do you want to target a different demographic? What are your parking needs?

Knowing why you need to move will help ensure the new location is a good fit.

Enlisting a realtor will help you juggle the demands of searching for properties while running your business. Your realtor can scout the locations, match the property against what you’re looking for and eliminate the ones that don’t measure up. You stay focused on your business instead of driving all over town looking at properties that won’t work. Your realtor will guide you through the negotiations and closing, handling the various details and explaining everything throughout the process.

Once you’re settled in, a new location draws more attention to your business. You’re the new kid on the block, the new neighbor everyone is curious about. Take advantage of it and introduce yourself to the neighbors. They could be your new customers.

Call us for your relocation needs, both commercial and residential. We’ll be glad to work with you on your new location.